A Coin Has Two Sides

Was it a tear or bead of sweat

that gathered on the pointed knife?

The answer, inconclusive,

since the blindfold bound her gaze so tight.

Treacled fear and troves of aching

yearning for the next delicious

fleshy contact put in places 

never thought to look or touch.


A set of white teeth set to bite upon

a flaming lip so full with lust,

and harder than the realm of comforts

idolised by most.

The smattered pock marked

cheeks, Her softer sex raised hairs

once thought covert,

and fingers dragging past the rope 

that bound her into ancient shapes

that, in that time, would come to 

thoughts of zeal and cadence.


For at that moment fear collided

with the hand that cradled, 

full of promising libido, 

primed to enter, conquer 

and create and to eventually destroy

the purer thoughts of youth and innocent regard.

Letting out a gasp, the fair one

grew to something bigger than 

the concept of man or woman:

Life itself, from Spring to Winter.


The trust adorned upon Her lover

seeming foolish, even lapsed.

The tears now streamed unruly

soaking cotton rags about her face.

She tried to scream, but only whimpers 

came like whispers of the night-

time creatures foraging for 

sustenance, away from grim portent.

She let her captor bind the rope

that kept her in this place of senses

neither dark, nor of the light

but coloured with all gradients.


The anxious pressure, building, grew

to open up another state of

actuality and craving for a touch

of either shade.

Breathing words into her ear, the

subjugator leered his thoughts

upon Her head. The sophomoric 

girl depleted, quivering, now spent.

“I will leave you now alone, 

you’ll speak a word for not three days.

Remember that the one who binds you

watches you in every place.”


Seconds ticked away to hours,

slowly rising from the space,

Her bindings had been all cut off

but move, could she? Not for an age.

Death had come to shadows of her soul

upon that lost and primal moon,

She swabs at burns and wounds,

and smiles and cries in unison.