The long-awaited third album by electronic musician Old Man Mike is just around the corner, as confirmed by the artists Twitter feed and today confirmed the full track-listing for initial release in a tweet.

  1. Delineate
  2. Plassma
  3. Square Drem
  4. Masherist
  5. Radon
  6. Salvo
  7. Missing
  8. L.A. 
  9. Heklär
  10. Gradiend
  11. The Warm
  12. Banded

Following the lush melodic tones of 2013's "Dormants" album and the genre-breaking 2011 debut album "Borealis Amanita", "Precursor" is an ambitious venture into "suffo-bass"/"ambionic"/"vapor-tech" or whatever description of Advanced EDM is being touted most recently.

"Precursor" is the first new work from the producer since his bootleg remix Angelo Badalamenti/Richard D. James album freelease titled "Aphex Twin Peaks". 

 Mike on some deserted shore.  

Mike on some deserted shore.  

Old Man Mike, better known as Michael Biggam has been largely silent on the music front recently save for occasional SoundCloud releases such as Save As, Aissolumina and Wrong Line, instead focusing on his first feature film, the self-written crime saga Sugarfields starring Gotham star JW Cortés, and filmed on the island of Puerto Rico.