As founder and Executive Producer at CereProds, Michael Biggam admires the mechanics of film making as a flow of actions, triggered and responsive to the terms of the individual production and its unique aspects. He studied the business of film and media production for close to ten years in the UK broadcast industry as an assistant director, and from earlier in theatre as a young actor-turned stage manager.

Biggam has had the great privilege to work with outstanding talents in the UK television drama and auteur film production industry on shows including the RTS and DGGB Award Nominated "Early Doors" directed by and starring Craig Cash, the original "Shameless" UK TV show with James McAvoy, Jane Austen TV adaptation "Mansfield Park" with Billie Piper and Michelle Ryan, "Route Irish", directed by Ken Loach and the Academy Award winning film "The Kings Speech".

Biggam with Graham Nicol, DoP of  Cupid's Middleman

Biggam with Graham Nicol, DoP of Cupid's Middleman

In 2009 Michael moved to Beijing where he diversified into commercial sectors of journalism for JIN Magazine, and radio hosting for Tianjin PBS, broadcasting in Tianjin, China and Queensland, Australia. As his career grew he delved further into marketing, operating as departmental head for a boutique investment firm, and then worked with ServicePlan Asia among other PR firms as copywriter and content creator for clients such as BMW, Shell and Porsche. Biggams' love of the written word as a tool of inspiration grew and he ramped up his writing work substantially, creating stand-up comedy sets, poetry and fiction, alongside his professional journalistic and copywriting assignments. He began working the stand up clubs of Beijing where he practiced his comedic style.  

As a director Michael has a number of short films shot in locations from Manchester, UK to Beijing, China, and is currently seeking investment for his debut feature film "Sugarfields" in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Biggam is also the creator of the animated series "The Adventures of Arnold T. Fetus" and director of short films including "Blood: Money", "We Were F(r)iends" and "Cupids Middleman" starring Ludi Lin of “Aquaman” and "Power Rangers" reboot-fame.

As a writer Biggam recently completed his debut novel, and has been signed to publish on Grim's Emporium Publishing House. He has also been commissioned by Hull Media Entertainment, LLC as scriptwriter for a tense action-genre film. Biggam has also written three feature film screenplays and numerous intended-for TV properties.

As a producer Biggam operates and manages the growth of CereProds, lending his two-decades of practical experience to producers and production companies alike. Since 2015 Biggam has produced dozens of branded content, documentary and other productions in Puerto Rico.