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New Trailer for Power Rangers

New Trailer for Power Rangers

Ludi Lin plays "Zack", the iconic "Black Ranger" in Lionsgate's new reboot of "Power Rangers" released in cinemas soon.

Lin was part of the original Sugarfields cast before heading to the US mainland to begin work on Power Rangers. Lin helped the Sugarfields producers in their crowd-funding efforts and remains a friend and valued asset. We smell big things for Ludi Lin, and what a way to make an entrance with "Power Rangers".

Go LUDI! We're so proud of you!!

What an amazing trailer for what we are sure will be a super film. Check out the Kickstarter video Ludi helped us with back in 2015.

Official Sugarfields Trailer

The Sugarfields production team is proud to present the first preview of our film, scheduled for release early 2016.

Starring J.W. Cortés of Fox TV's Gotham, two time Dancing with the Stars winner Anna Demidova, 200 Cartas' Juilian Ernesto Figueroa and featuring breakout performances by Jerry Avilés, Jesús La Salle, Yamnia Diaz, German Alejandro, Manuel Alucea, David Davila Pagan and Maria Isabel Cardona.

Written and directed by Michael Biggam and produced by David Mondin and Michael Biggam.

Director of photography David Mondin.

Executive Producers Andrew McLaren and David Davila Pagan.

Mucha Melaza: Casting Announcement

News from the Sugarfields production confirms that breakthrough actress Yamnia Diaz will play the role of Alondra, opposite Juan, the protagonist of the story. Diaz is an artist originating from Puerto Rico in Corozal, the heart of island, and was featured in the recent Tego Calderón music video Dando Break.

Casting announcement: Anna Demidova joins the Sugarfields movie pirate ship

The producers of Sugarfields today announced that Anna Demidova, Russian ballroom dancer, model and winner of Dancing with the Stars USA Season 8 has joined the cast of Sugarfields as Anjä, the downtrodden girlfriend of Moises, the Bichoté in the film.

Anna joins Andrew McLaren, co-star of Battle for Haditha and the rest of the cast and crew sailing though the Sugarfields. Producers are said to be ready to release full cast details but as yet no word has been heard from the elusive production base.

Going Underground

HUUUGEE thanks to Walgreens in Rio Piedras for graciously allowing us to use their underground parking facilities for filming today!! Big shout outs to Andrew McLaren, David Davila Pagan Elcapitan and Jesus Reyes La Salle for being the heart of the show and of course to the unstoppable crew consisting of Michael Biggam, David Mondin, Ronald Michael, Julian Ernesto Figueroa and the inimitable Yayi Diaz. Many more to come!!

Andrew McLaren (Battle for Haditha), Jesus Reyes La Salle (Exit Point) and David Davila Pagan relax on set shooting Sugarfields on location in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico.

Andrew McLaren (Battle for Haditha), Jesus Reyes La Salle (Exit Point) and David Davila Pagan relax on set shooting Sugarfields on location in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico.

The Sugarfields crew get to grips with the location.

The Sugarfields crew get to grips with the location.

Sugarfields Kickstarter is now online!!!

Everyone at Cerebral Productions and Lava House Entertainment is thrilled to be able to bring you the Kickstarter for our latest film "Sugarfields".

Check the video below for full details and thank you to everyone who has been so supportive thus far. If you are interested in helping us fund this film, follow the KS link or contact the studio through email

Cast/Crew call

Cerebral Productions are crewing for a bilingual feature film to be shot in Beijing, and other parts of mainland China in spring 2015. We invite applicants based in the Beijing locality for the following departments initially.




Assistant Director,


Set Design,


Art Department.

CV/Resume's can be emailed here