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Production Services: NASA

Production Services: NASA

CereProds satisfied a raft of ambition when they hosted Earths foremost explorers into the reaches of the stars. 

Unda the Radar - Best of P.R.

In Puerto Rico you are never short of something to do, whether that be exploring the forests of el Yunque or discovering culinary treats served in a Websters-esque definition of paradise; but how are you to actually find these places? Compass? Barometer? Intuition? Well, rest your navigation tools as for now you can rely on on a bona-fide master collection of what is happening on the island of enchantment by heading over to the Best of P.R. website, curated by Worldwide UndaGround.

Jose Enrique Puerto Rician | Seafood | La Placita Mercado 176 Duffaut St., Santurce, San Juan, PR.

Best of P.R. follows in is successors footprints having already launched similar platforms on mainland USA, now it is the turn of the caribbean to take the spotlight. 

El Estudio • Yoga I Love You  Yoga Studio | Massage | Boutique | Yogi Bar  La Ciudadela, Santurce, Puerto Rico

El Estudio • Yoga I Love You

Yoga Studio | Massage | Boutique | Yogi Bar

La Ciudadela, Santurce, Puerto Rico

Highlighting the best in fashion, travel, mixology and gastronomy to name but a few, BOPR sets a trail for intrepid travelers and locals alike.

Dreamcatcher GuestHouse |

Head over to the website and see for yourself, there has never been a better time to explore the UndaGround!

Official Sugarfields Trailer

The Sugarfields production team is proud to present the first preview of our film, scheduled for release early 2016.

Starring J.W. Cortés of Fox TV's Gotham, two time Dancing with the Stars winner Anna Demidova, 200 Cartas' Juilian Ernesto Figueroa and featuring breakout performances by Jerry Avilés, Jesús La Salle, Yamnia Diaz, German Alejandro, Manuel Alucea, David Davila Pagan and Maria Isabel Cardona.

Written and directed by Michael Biggam and produced by David Mondin and Michael Biggam.

Director of photography David Mondin.

Executive Producers Andrew McLaren and David Davila Pagan.

La Vibora de Rio Piedras

Music video by La Vibora a.k.a. Debbie Matos shot in Rio Piedras featuring an appearance by Yamnia Diaz who play Alondra in the feature film Sugarfields. Directed by Jandro Alejandro, fashion designer/artist.