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Mighty Morph-Lin Power Ranger!!

Mighty Morph-Lin Power Ranger!!

Congratulations from all at Cerebral Productions to Ludi Lin, who was recently confirmed as "The Black Ranger" in the reboot of Power Rangers. Lin's acquisition was rumored in a tweet and confirmed by Lionsgate, production outfit behind the film. 

Ludi Lin was involved with Sugarfields early in production and was instrumental in helping the production get off the ground.

Mucha Melaza: Casting Announcement

News from the Sugarfields production confirms that breakthrough actress Yamnia Diaz will play the role of Alondra, opposite Juan, the protagonist of the story. Diaz is an artist originating from Puerto Rico in Corozal, the heart of island, and was featured in the recent Tego Calderón music video Dando Break.