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Mucha Melaza: Casting Announcement

News from the Sugarfields production confirms that breakthrough actress Yamnia Diaz will play the role of Alondra, opposite Juan, the protagonist of the story. Diaz is an artist originating from Puerto Rico in Corozal, the heart of island, and was featured in the recent Tego Calderón music video Dando Break.

The Insider

The Insider

David Davila Pagan.jpg

Sugarfields has announced that David Davila, who was featured in Runner, Runner alongside Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake has joined the team as Agent Kowalsky. Details about the role are scant, but the mood is said to be raised by his arrival. David is known for Runner, Runner and the 2003 short film An Assignment, directed by John A. Rangel.

Casting announcement: Anna Demidova joins the Sugarfields movie pirate ship

The producers of Sugarfields today announced that Anna Demidova, Russian ballroom dancer, model and winner of Dancing with the Stars USA Season 8 has joined the cast of Sugarfields as Anjä, the downtrodden girlfriend of Moises, the Bichoté in the film.

Anna joins Andrew McLaren, co-star of Battle for Haditha and the rest of the cast and crew sailing though the Sugarfields. Producers are said to be ready to release full cast details but as yet no word has been heard from the elusive production base.