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Ops Facilities for Non-Fixed Business Locations

Ops Facilities for Non-Fixed Business Locations

In the wake of Hurricane Maria one thing that has been in short supply on the island is hotel rooms and temporary accommodation. With over 32,000 relief workers staying in Puerto Rico the hotel industry has been...

Breaking News from Jane McDonald

Breaking News from Jane McDonald

Singing phenomenon and TV favourite Jane McDonald is returning to the small screen with "Cruising" (Previously known as "All At Sea"), to be shown on UK TV from February 2017, Channel 5.

You may recall that CereProds produced (Puerto Rico segments) for the broadcaster back in April. Here is the star of the show talking on top-rated UK mid-morning show "Lorraine" about her upcoming adventures on the high seas.

The premiere of the show was Friday February 10 at 9pm and can be seen weekly for a limited time.

Official Sugarfields Trailer

The Sugarfields production team is proud to present the first preview of our film, scheduled for release early 2016.

Starring J.W. Cortés of Fox TV's Gotham, two time Dancing with the Stars winner Anna Demidova, 200 Cartas' Juilian Ernesto Figueroa and featuring breakout performances by Jerry Avilés, Jesús La Salle, Yamnia Diaz, German Alejandro, Manuel Alucea, David Davila Pagan and Maria Isabel Cardona.

Written and directed by Michael Biggam and produced by David Mondin and Michael Biggam.

Director of photography David Mondin.

Executive Producers Andrew McLaren and David Davila Pagan.