The mystery surrounding Sugarfields, the independent film shot in Puerto Rico directed and written by Michael Biggam and David Mondin is beginning to unravel.

New images from the production confirm that French actor and singer Julian Ernesto Figueroa will be playing Padre, the conflicted priest. Filling the role of Juan, the films ultimate protagonist is new comer Jerry Aviles. Both were involved in the student uprising against the government in 2010 and 2012. Protesting against the axing of 37,000 public servants, initiated by former Governer Luis Fortuño.

Both actors are said to be incredibly excited about the project and have begun rehearsals with the directors Biggam and Mondin.

Sometimes you encounter such broad talent and piercing vision that you’re left asking yourself whether there is some other force at work, or if human creativity really is the mouthpiece of the divine.
— Michael Biggam, on production Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, Feb 3 2014

Sugarfields is scheduled to begin principal photography this month until April 2015.


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