Next-gen electronics design and manufacturer Thompson Burk announce a new crowdfunding project to seek investment for the Z.10, a wireless speaker and charging dock for contemporary smartphones. 

The Z.10 uses NFC (Near Field Connection) technology to enable wireless audio streaming through built-in speakers, along with wireless charging facility for smartphones and compatible systems.

Thompson Burk contracted In-Class Productions, Connecticut, for production of the crowd funding video. Director Ronald Michael De Lucia took the helm in production and worked alongside the Cerebral Productions development team for content and strategy.

Final delivery can be seen on Kickstarter now.

Cerebral Productions chief creative director Michael Biggam took the raw data from the product and presented it in such a way that clarity of information could be communicated in a succinct and concise manner.

Quite often in the media industry copywriters have a tendency to procrastinate on and on until the audience has stopped listening, or even worse, stopped caring. We like to take the opposite route, and although it may fly in the face of some clients who insist on cramming as many superlatives into one space at a time, sometimes less really is more. Fortunately the team at Thompson Burk shares our belief in revolutionary tools of communicative technology.
— Michael Biggam, Chief Creative Director, Cerebral Productions