Our recent work has taken us around the hurricane battered island of Puerto Rico as we produce content for clients showing not just the life-changing effects of Hurricanes Maria and Irma, but the incredible work done by first responders, FEMA, and other agencies and individuals. It is a privilege to stand alongside men and women whose daily work literally saves lives.


With official death tolls currently in the mid-teens we have seen and heard reports of true figures being vastly higher. Once all is said and done the citizens of Puerto Rico will have been through one of the most devastating natural disasters in recorded history, the aftermath of which has already been a rude awakening for a government who can safely be categorized as “resting on their laurels”, since revelations regarding awarded contracts and badly maintained grid services.

Local businesses are struggling to survive post-Maria

Local businesses are struggling to survive post-Maria

Where the island goes next is unsure. The dominant tourism industry has been, for now, replaced by emergency service employees and contractors rebuilding an infrastructure that was already at a critical point. It will be many years before Puerto Rico returns to its previous state, if ever.