CereProds is thrilled to announce that “Cruising with Jane McDonald” has won a BAFTA for Features. The British Academy of Film and Television Award was given to director Jon Cowen and star Jane McDonald at the ceremony held in London. 

CereProds provided full production services for the Puerto Rico segments of the groundbreaking program, that gives a unique perspective to the adventures of cruising in various destainations worldwide. 


Not only was it our pleasure to help the Channel 5 production team along their way to their first ever BAFTA win, but was also an opportunity for us to see some less-trodden parts of the island. Since the Channel 5 documentary visited us here in Puerto Rico we have seen some major changes, most of all the devastating impact of Hurricane Maria, which tore through much of the Caribbean and left the island chain reeling for many months afterwards. This victory is a sweet reminder of the opportunities to be had in Puerto Rico, along with her neighbors in the Caribbean. 

As far as our next objectives for success, we feel that awards from "the Academy" would be most forthcoming! Watch this space for future development, or if you are a producer planning to visit Puerto Rico and need cutting-edge crew and equipment, contact us now!