Pace, and the keeping of it, will determine the winners and losers in almost every industry.

Without the pace to stay ahead of trends and market movements your success will dwindle and be left in the shadows of those faster fish. Todays publicity platform is densely populated and none more so than in branded content and video marketing. Sure, you can write some good copy, have it check the SEO boxes and work it up the Google rankings, but is anyone really paying attention? Here are just a few reasons why video should be a major part of your corporate identity in 2018 and onwards.

1. Pretty Colors

It is no joke that attention spans are shortening. A recent study concluded that the average human invests just SIX SECONDS into the decision making process of whether to continue to look at something or not. That is not a lot of time to make an impression. If your marketing is focused on text heavy documents without audio-visual support then you will be losing at a conservative estimate 8 out of 10 readers. Video is essential for creating brand identity that screams of empathy. Capturing your customers attention in every case should be priority.

2. Content Is King

By 2020 80% of global consumer web traffic will be made up of video (Cisco). More than 50% of marketing professionals worldwide named video as the type of content with the highest ROI (Adobe). Your competitors are already doing it, and without making strategic movement into this area your company will suffer. Content can be a wide range of media types, from social media videos to how-to instructionals or recordings of an event that impacts your company. Whatever it is, it needs to happen, and it needs to be great.

3. Quality Will Win

Although it may seem like your brand should start banging out videos yesterday to stay up to speed with the competition, your marketing department needs to have a very serious look at the mode of execution and ensure that standards are set and consistently achieved. Investment in a paper umbrella may look good in a drink but when it starts raining you can toss that cocktail into the gutter. Ensuring you have the right level of video production standards will pay dividends in the future. Look at the big brands, those that have begun to recognize this trend. They hire crews, creatives, in-house and externally to ensure their content is never second-best. 


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