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For the Good of US All

For the Good of US All

Times are certainly changing. There is a very conflicting sense of opinion and movement in the world today. You can't even cut the tension with a knife, you need a chainsaw. There are people on either side of arguments and disputes over the best course of action for the United States, and even more so, mankind on Earth. There are righteous processes haphazardly mixed with reactionary and dangerous events. People are mad, and they continue to conflict without seeming conclusion other than further division. But CereProds knows that this world is made up primarily of Good Guys, people who go about their lives in peace and harmony with their fellow man, animal, environment and ecosystem. 

A small girl cares for a helpless lamb. 

Cerebral Productions are pleased to announce that we are developing a new reality documentary charting the stories of extra-ordinary people. People who sacrifice their time, energy, and safety for the betterment of the unfortunate, the at risk, the sick and the needy. Those who believe a selfless act is no different to any other. It is our belief that we can turn the tide of name-calling and culture of passive aggression that permeates the entertainment industry and much of the media today.  

The founders of the country we know as the United States of America are the role models for this groundbreaking show, a show that will teach us just how good good is.

Christopher Reeve as Superman III rescues Paul Kaethler as Little Jimmy Lang © Warner Bros.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, but the truly interesting thing about them is that they exist within us all, and need only the proper motivation to be projected and humanized in the physical realm. 

The producers of the show are seeking subjects, and those interested or considering a nomination of someone else are encouraged to CONTACT DAVE at the Good Guys development team. 

Don't be afraid to believe in yourself: the smallest act is considered heroic to those that encounter a savior.