It has played for countless locations around the world and continues to attract producers with its blend of contemporary and historic architecture and naturally occurring features, but Puerto Rico is not just loved because of its environmental factors. With transferable credits starting at 40% on local spend and 20% on payment to non-residents, Puerto Rico offers the most competitive tax incentives available in the United States, thanks to its commitment to driving investment and trade with the mainland and beyond.


Companies such as Disney, HBO and CBS have utilized the island to double for their productions, and the Hollywood standard crews of DGA and IATSE members are able to coordinate and create explosive scenes from movies such as Fast Five and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Documentary and branded content producers are increasingly choosing Puerto Rico for their work, given the dense topics of study and impact and analysis of Hurricanes Maria and Irma in 2017. UNICEF USA filmed a series of short documentaries on the island that chronicled the work performed by various agencies and NGO’s, visiting towns and communities affected by the storms. Now greatly recovered from these events, Puerto Rico is pushing further forward in development of film and media projects.

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CereProds filmed for UNICEF USA in and out of the capital San Juan. Other companies that have chosen CereProds to film documentary content in Puerto Rico include Vogue International and Google. Puerto Rico has also hosted a number of TV series including Startup starring Ron Perlman, The Oath from Executive Producer 50 Cent and HBO’s Eastbound and Down.

With suppliers and vendors of film making equipment and crew spread across the island, it can be a daunting and multi-linguistic task to marry these elements together. CereProds takes the hard work out of the equation by providing full production management services for national and international production companies so they can concentrate on what is most important to them. Our established network is designed to connect producers with the exact tools and talent required to bring their vision to life.


Island capital San Juan and Ponce, also known as the Pearl of the South, are examples of just two cities that can double for locations across the world and are suitable for period settings, certainly Spanish colonial-era townships from the 15th century onwards, otherwise known as the Age of Exploration. Vast areas of dense forest and mountainous regions can also play for locations of an even more remote nature, on, or off this world. 

Let CereProds manage your next production in Puerto Rico, whether film, TV, documentary, commercial or music video, we are standing by with the tools and talent you need.

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