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Our range of clients and projects undertaken is limitless, we work with everything from branded content to scripted drama. One of our favorites of the year to date was the new British Vogue series Supermodel Roots. This show follows supermodels in their home lands, examining the roots of their upbringing and recounting the journey they have taken to become the icons they are today.

CereProds provided production services for the debut episode featuring Puerto Rican island girl Joan Smalls as she took us around her home to meet her family, friends, and farm animals.

Given the chance to exhibit the best that Puerto Rico has to offer we worked closely with the Vogue to provide locations and logistics. This was not limited to simply finding the best locations but ensuring that those locations held weight with Joan, and could add something to the story.

At times it is easy to overlook the importance of storyline where it comes to documentary work, favoring simple beauty, but at CereProds we feel it is imperative to provide foundation and reason for logistical choices when producing this type of content.

Here we have Joan on location at Gozalandia, a triumvirate of waterfalls and slice of paradise hidden within the dense tropical forests of Puerto Rico.

Supermodel Roots

In the maiden episode of Supermodel Roots the world of fashion comes under scrutiny as Smalls talks about the hardships faced after Hurricane Maria, when her family was incommunicado for 10 days, the fear and tension that threw shade on the day-to-day demands of fashionistas complaining about wrong shoe sizes and badly fitting dresses.

It was a moment of sobering truth in a world of excess. Also in the show we get to meet her close friends and family; her father, an icon in himself who has more than a few words of wisdom to impart about the importance of presence and respect.

Joan Smalls made history in 2011 when she became the first Puerto Rican model to represent Estée Lauder in a global advertising campaign alongside Liu Wen and Constance Jablonski.

Aged 23, Smalls is still at the dawn of her career. Since her meteoric rise she has gone from humble beginnings in Puerto Rico to the catwalks and studios of New York, Milan, Tokyo and countless other centers of style. Despite this tidal shift Joan retains her humility, honesty, integrity and sense of humor.

CereProds worked alongside Vogue International and Matte Projects in producing the Puerto Rican segments of Supermodel Roots. CereProds provided locations, atmospherics, logistics, crew, permits, insurance and equipment.

Discover paradise under a new lens with CereProds and find out why we are the first choice for global film producers traveling to Puerto Rico.

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