Video is far and away the most persuasive sales tool in any brands’ arsenal. Gone are the days of slow-loading, heavily pixelated videos- todays brands shoot in 4k, with full motion control, cinema grade lenses, 3D graphics, color grading, carefully structured scripts, storyboards and positioning to keep production values at the highest level and ensure the best ROI.

Video is everywhere, is your brand?

Video is everywhere, is your brand?

But why video? What makes it so important? And more over, how can video become your best friend (in a strictly marketing-sense)?

Lets look at 4 points:


Some would argue that video has overtaken reality as the definition of immersive entertainment. Think about it: when was the last time you went to see a play, had an in-depth conversation about critical topics in life, or actually saw a band play live? Now think of the last time you saw a video. Probably in the last few minutes. Video is everywhere, but that is no reason to buck the trend. The tide is shifting towards Audio Visual enter/info/docu-tainment and brands can either ride the wave to success or get caught in the riptide and drown.


We aren’t quite at the point where a video can change based on our momentary desires or opinions, but we are on the way- online analytics can gather enough data about users to make decisions about which ads (videos) to play and deliver the highest impact per-play. Have you ever been searching for something on Google and then. within the hour that thing, or something like it, is advertised in your sidebar? The same principle applies for video. Marketers typically pay per-play for advertisements to run, and so discerning who that video should play to is of vital importance. That technology exists today and is working perpetually, pre-loading its videos and poised to deliver based upon individual users wants and needs.

Social Media channels are todays major media networks- how does your brand place with them?

Social Media channels are todays major media networks- how does your brand place with them?


Not everyone will relate to a sleek car ad, not everyone will like documentary form branded content. Using SEO and analytics to discern your ideal audience opens another door, that of the multi-channel story module. Brands can tell the same story in a myriad of ways. Making sure the brand identity and message is carried through those channels is where a professional production company comes in. Production Companies can ensure that standards are met, kept and improved upon, that correct colors, composition and calls-to-action are employed to enhance engagement with end-users.


It is vitally important to ensure that brand identity is delivered to the consumer in a way that seems organic, even if your identity is of staunch technology and heartless AI, the end user is still human (circa 2019), and so content must be sculpted around the human ethical system. That is why you will see giants like Shell or Nike making human interest stories key to their branding: they understand their end user, and work tirelessly to ensure that said end user is delivered a message that hits home, to the heart and soul of their rationale.

And just for good measure…

Sales is a numbers game, does your brand have the stamina to keep pace with the best?

Sales is a numbers game, does your brand have the stamina to keep pace with the best?


Those die-hard traditionalists, the students at the altar of schools of sales such as Glengarry Glen Ross or Jordan Belfortmay quibble or balk at the generic and generalized nature of videos, Wheres the humanity? they may query, but lets look at it logically- even the greatest salesman can only pitch a certain number of potential customers a day. Without the use of technology we are limited to actual engagement- that being the grin and grip, eye-contact, body-language reading and matching warriors of old. Video has no such drawback, video is infinite and fresh, comes correct: always ready, always primed. Video is as good on the first play as the last, video needs no coffee, no company car, no Ciro Citterio.

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